t-mobile is on my shit list


I’ve been a customer since 2004, which is really all that long, but for me? That’s a long ass commitment. And since October, I’ve wanted to kick them in the shins. My phone, which I bought sometime last spring and still had to stretch my contract out for two more years, has turned into a giant pile of shit, as has T-Mobile’s attempt to do anything to rectify things on their end.

My phone has some issues. It periodically reboots itself in the middle of sending text messages. Considering I send and receive somewhere around 1500 text messages a month, that kind of becomes a pain in the ass. Another neat feature it’s developed, and I can only imagine it’s so I save battery power, is turning off at random times: while in my pocket, on my bedside table, or even when it’s just sitting on my desk waiting for the guy from Pizza -N- Pasta to call. And most recently? I’ll be on the phone with someone, and all of a sudden, the phone goes dead – I can’t hear them, and they can’t hear me. Give it anywhere from 10 seconds or three minutes, and everything’s just fine again. So, really, this phone is not so helpful when it comes to taking part in phone interviews for the job(s) of my dreams.

In October, I talked to some a-hole at T-Mobile, who completely agreed my phone was faulty and since it was still under warranty, they could send me a new one! NEAT, I thought, and what great customer service! And then they told me I’d have to pay for shipping – $9.95 + tax. Now, I know that’s not a lot of money, and that’s not the point at all. It’s just the principle. Why should I have to pay them money to ship me a phone, when I can walk half a mile to the T-Mobile store I bought the phone from and just exchange it there? That’s logical. T-Mobile? Not so logical. It’s their phone, their problem. I didn’t do anything to break this particular phone, and it infuriates me to think they don’t stand 100% behind the phones they sell in their registered stores.

I’ve been dealing with it since then, and then the whole dead air thing started happening today. I can’t deal with that. Especially since I discontinued my Vonage service in November. (That’s another story about shitty customer service I should tell sometime.)

I called and talked to Bianca, who was very sweet and as helpful as she could be. Even if her response to my questioning the logic of their policy was "unfortunately not everything is logic"… (I’ll let you think about that one for a while, too.) Then it came time to ship me my new phone and it wouldn’t let her do it without transferring me to a Tier 2 Technician. The title "Tier 2 Technician" at T-Mobile also comes with a free Superiority Complex. I should see if they’re hiring. Then I could sit in a cube right next to Tonya, the horribly apathetic "Tier 2 Technician", and listen to her say "Definitely" about 40 times per call.

Tonya didn’t do much in the way of servicing my customer needs. I wasn’t really asking for a lot. Just for them to waive the stupid $10 shipping fee, but that was pretty quickly denied. Because T-Mobile is actually paying for half the shipping charges, she said, so they’re really doing me a favor by splitting it with me. FYI? It apparently costs $20 to ship a very small cell phone from the T-Mobile Empire to my apartment, and I still have to wait seven business days for it. Hey, guys? UPS is totally ripping you off. Send that shit Priority Mail, and I’ll be glad to pay my half of that.

In any case, I gave her the whole "I’m canceling my service when my contract is up" speech, and her response was: "Definitely. I’m sorry you feel that way."

Definitely, I do.

And now I’m on the hunt for a T-Mobile phone that I can buy NOT through T-Mobile and still have awesome things like a camera and, you know, a reception. Except all the cheap phones on Ebay want me to sign a contract. No, thanks. I’m already going to have to trade my first born son (who I’ll call Hambone, for short) in to get out of this contract.

IN CONCLUSION, T-Mobile is my arch nemesis right now.


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  1. jumi

    you need an unlocked GSM phone, they are actually pretty ubiquitous (since the rest of the world uses GSM and doesn’t get screwed with lock-ins like we do here).

    Amazon has 9 for under $100 – just make sure you order one that’s coming from Amazon directly if you want a minimum of hassles.

    The added benefit of buying an unlocked phone is that you can switch to AT&T when your contract is up without having to buy a new phone (you just need a new SIM).

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