dick move

So, tonight? We went to Dixie’s on Grand, where they were celebrating Fat Tuesday with some free beads and a performance from Jack Brass Band. We love both of those, so we went!  When I finally found  a place to park, I realized I’d parked right in front of the management company who denied me my apartment I loved so much a couple of weeks ago. "Well, that’s motherfuckin’ convenient," I thought and walked on to the bar.

And then, just because ti’s what I do, I got home tonight and browsed the available apartments on Craigslist, in case I have possibly missed the apartment of my dreams (and Riley’s, too) and I find an apartment owned by this particular management company. And you know what it says in the ad? I’ll tell ya:

**Students and 1st time renters encouraged to apply!**

Really, you shit for brains management company? You’ll deny me – who’s had years of perfect rental history and not one single complaint against me while living in a fucking hippo-infested building, but yet you’ll allow someone who’s never had any rental history at all? I hate you a lot, and just as soon as I have a confirmed apartment, there’s gonna be a nice little rant about your shitty business practice, including the name of your stupid ass company. You know why? Because I like it when people type in a particular company’s name and then they find my website. It gives me great pleasure.




  1. i’m STILL laughing about the lady who came to talk politics with you because matt was smoking and i went to the bathroom. i thought she was super-drunk, but he thinks she was just crazy!

    i promise to never leave you alone at the table again.

  2. […] 13. Whose behavior made you appalled & depressed? As usual for the last eight years, the current White House administration. Kevin McHale’s. Matthew at the Eagan Old Navy. Comcast and T-Mobile, as usual. And TAB Properties. I’m still bitter about not getting that apartment. […]

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