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Dear Costa Mediterranea SS Razzmatazz,

I’ll enjoy seeing you again in January 12th, and I can only wish that we would have left ourselves a note very securely hidden somewhere in the ship, so that we may have ourselves a little treasure hunt upon embarkation Saturday afternoon, just less than one month away.

I know this may be a bit much, but I’m packing as soon as I get back home from Christmas. If it weren’t for my upcoming travel plans, I would be packing my new bandanas (for ATV riding!) right alongside my $1.97 Old Navy board shorts right this very second and not feeling bad about it at all.

Today’s purchase of undershirts, a fancy pants shirt, some capris, and a pair of tennis shoes pretty much have me set to jump on board and settle into cabin 1199 for eight days and seven nights of PURE AWESOME. Four new places! All new adventures! Dancing in the disco until dawn! (We should actually try that!) New BFFs to show around! More afternoon canasta and breakfast by the pool!

I’m looking forward to it greatly. Maybe you’re hiring? We’ll talk about it in January.

Love always,


P.S. I already have a chiropractor’s appointment scheduled for January 10, just to make sure my back can handle all of the afternoon naps, laying face down on the deck of the boat, and floating in the pools and/or ocean I plan on doing.


  1. i tried to drag my giant duffel bag out of my closet last night so that matt could start packing, but realized it’s buried and packed full of camping supplies at the moment. i’m going to fix that when i’m home tomorrow night, and then get out my own suitcase.

    i got a new bathing suit that i actually like!

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