no more trading without my approval

I want to move out of Minnesota. It’s really just for sports-related reasons, but still. I think it’s a valid excuse.

The Timberwolves trade everyone to Boston.

The Twins let one of my top three favorite players go to another team, and try to trade another one of my top three favorite players to any other team that will offer them something.

The Vikings. Well, whatever. They’re the Vikings.

And now the Lynx are rumored to be trading Lindsey Harding. This is where I draw the line.

Harding was the first pick overall in the WNBA draft last season and has been trying to engineer a trade to the Comets ever since.

She went to high school in Houston (where the Comets play), so I can kinda understand that. I don’t like it, but I understand the logic behind it.

Harding for one of the Comets’ centers and their 5th pick in this year’s draft sounds like a good deal, but it’s Lindsey Harding. LINDSEY HARDING.  Our options, if this should go past just a rumor, would be Sancho Lyttle or Michelle Snow. Sancho has an awesome name; Michelle DUNKS.

When we hung out she gave me her autograph during a post-game fan appreciation type thing, she was super nice. She wasn’t one of those scribble-scribble-next type of autograph-signing players (no, my most favorite player had to pull that shit!); she was all, "hey, thanks for coming. Here you go. Thanks again. You’re awesome." (maybe not the last part, but still.) Stuff like that really resonates with fans in a terrific way. ESPECIALLY ME. Now that I know she’s wanted to play in Houston since she was drafted, I may be a little less of a gigantic fan, though.

Sports make me all emo nowadays. I need to go back to work, so I can have real grown up things to want to slit my wrists about and not who’s going to be playing point guard for the Lynx during the first year I have season tickets.


  1. Remember that time the Lynx traded Katie Smith, and everyone was all, OMFG! That’s like the Timberwolves trading Kevin Garnett! and then the Timberwolves traded Kevin Garnett? Nothing surprises me anymore. Maybe Phoenix would be a good place to live.

  2. OMG that is so not okay.

    What happened to building the team around her? We need a frickin’ point guard! Maybe they decided Q was good enough that we can give up a really awesome point guard (remember, true PGs are really hard to come by) for a center.

    Michelle Snow is highly inconsistent. Maybe a change of scenery will tone her nasty attitude down a little. I think I’d rather have Sancho Lyttle.

    I can totally see it from Lindsey’s point of view, but… but… *sigh*

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