why yes i am bitter and angry

My final day at my former employer (you know, Douchebags, Inc) was on October 12th. Due to rules that I completely understand, I wasn’t going to receive my final commission check until 11/26. It will come to no surprise that I tell you I didn’t receive it on said date. I heard from a little bird that still works at Douchebags, Inc that there was a little snafu when it came to automatically depositing , and we’d be getting a manual check. Blah, blah, blah.

I gave it a week, because I’m patient. And also because I didn’t want to deal with anyone at Douchebags, Inc. Mainly because they’re all douchebags.

I finally emailed the "Financial Analyst", according to her email signature, today, and got this response:

I am so so sorry!  I completely missed your settlement calculation.  I’m doing it right now!  I’ll get back to you in later today.

Oh, I’m so so sorry, too, that I couldn’t pay my bills* because you forgot to do my fucking commission. She hasn’t gotten back to me, but I can’t say I’m surprised. She’s a nice girl and all, and I hate to come down on her about this, but WHAT THE HELL.

Also, with the unemployment situation? Douchebags, Inc never returned the paperwork back into the unemployment office. They get FIVE WEEKS to do it, and the 65407 member HR department they have couldn’t squeeze it in their schedules of firing people and sitting around with their thumbs up one another’s asses. That just means I get unemployment no matter what, but I had to wait over a month with no paychecks, which was not exactly what I like to call enjoyable.

It was a cluster fuck while working there, and it’s even turned into a cluster fuck while not working there. I’m glad I’m experiencing the latter now. I like being angry at them and not having to be there 40 hours a week. I don’t think I could handle still being there.

*I’m not having any trouble paying my bills at all. It’s just the principle, ya know?

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