here’s what i’m reading on the internet

Earlier today, I’d found five jobs through that I wanted to read more about and perhaps apply. I think that was before I went to lunch, and I still haven’t applied for them. Yes, they’re still open in my browser window, but any motivation that I have to do something constructive? Haven’t been able to find that since Sunday night, when I organized the magnets on my ‘fridge. Not kidding.

I have other things to do like watch the second season of Entourage, play Scrabble, and read the entire Internet. Here’s what I’m reading now:

  • There was a counting error in the Miss California pageant, right? And now the girl who was mistakingly announced the winner is "weight her legal options". She’s going to be the first person ever to sue because she wasn’t the prettiest girl in the room, and the sad thing is? She’s totally going to win.
  • Blake Lewis’ new CD either came out today or it’s coming out soon, because he’s bitching about American Idol. Well, guess what, Blake? I just stole your album for free, so sorry about that. I probably would have actually bought it, but now that he’s complaining about the vehicle that’s given him the exposure he needed to make an album, I don’t feel bad about him not getting my 0.00000003 cents or however much profit he makes off of every CD. (My initial opinion on the CD? I’d put it in the top 3 AI first release CDs, with Daughtry and Clay Aiken..)
  • WHEW! CNN as deemed it a-okay for boys to play with toy kitchens!  The story highlights include: "Toy kitchens for boys seen as OK, More men starring in TV cooking shows, and more boys watch their fathers cooking dinner".  And to think, I was certain every little boy that wanted to cook a pretend dinner for his mom was destined to grow up as a flaming homosexual. I hope they soon say it’s okay for girls to play with a t-ball set, or Clara Jane may not get a Christmas present from me. I don’t want to be responsible if she turns into a horrible, horrible lesbian. (This is dripping of sarcasm for those of you that don’t know me that well.)
  • I’m having lunch at Chipotle tomorrow, and I’m having it free. If you’re in Minnesota, you can do it, too. For a new unwrapped toy, you can have free lunch. The toy will be donated to Toys for Tots. Best win-win situation of the dya.
  • Driving Pet Peeves! I’ll admit to have doing… yep, all of ’em. Well, except for the one that involves smashing my car into someone else’s. Don’t pretend your innocent to all of them, my friends!

Now if it were only that easy to write cover letters.

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  1. Mmmmmm, Chipotle.

    I totally had me some free Chipotle today, along with 6 of my co-workers. Thank God for online ordering so I didn’t have to wait in line with the 50 million other people bring in toys today. :)

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