my new friend tommy

For the first time in my life and quite possibly the last, I braved the post-Thanksgiving, Early Bird, Gotcha Sucker sales. It all started yesterday, during Thanksgiving lunch, when I realized that K-Mart was open on Turkey Day AND had a super deal on a GPS. After stuffing my face, everyone in the house under the age of 40 hopped in my brother’s car and headed to K-Mart.

Of course they were sold out, which made me kind of furious and not shy about announcing my hatred of the store the rest of the time we were there. It didn’t help matters much that they were also sold out of Hungry, Hungry Hippo and Mouse Trap, which would have been the best gifts ever for The Cuz‘s kid.

Here’s the thing. I get lost a lot in Minneapolis, and I do mean a lot. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to call Cindi or Jenni while trying to find a place and ask them where I should go.

I dug through the damn Black Friday ads to find something that I really wanted and in a reasonable price range, and I sure did. And that’s why I was standing outside, in temperatures below 30 degrees, for a half hour, with probably 10% of my hometown’s population, waiting for the doors to Staples to open.

After listening to the guy three people behind me tell everyone how his sister-in-law, who’s a police-person in a Kansas City suburb, was using the company car (yes, a cop car) to do all of her shopping. He was also wearing a hat called a WAZOO. The Urban Dictionary doesn’t really think it should be something one wears on the head.

In any case, I annoyed my dad for the most part of the day today with my new TomTom, who I will now obviously call Tommy. We drove down to run a couple of errands about an hour or so south of my hometown, and even though my dad could likely drive there and back with his eyes closed, I was insistent to use Tommy the entire way.

It could explain why he dropped me off at the house and has been gone for the last couple of hours. For all I know, he’s probably lost because he didn’t take Tommy with him.


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