a lovely town really

We went to a hockey game in Mankato last night. The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers were playing the Minnesota State University – Mankato Mavericks. So, yeah, we were not exactly in Gopher fan territory when we were there. And the Maverick hockey fans? Not so creative with their cheering.

Gopher Fans to the Maverick Goalie: "You suck… all. night. long!"
Maverick Fan in response to the Gopher Fans: "At least he didn’t suck your dad’s dick last night!"

Gopher Fans after the Gophers scored: "M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A Gooooooo Gophers!"
Maverick Fan response: "Suck my dick!"

Maverick Fan when the Gopher goalie took the ice: "Frazee, you’re a faggot!"

This is completely an opinion, but I think the entire population of Mankato is quite possibly full of a bunch of homosexual college kids that are afraid to admit. Or maybe it’s just the one that had all the dick-sucking comments that should be leading the Mankato Pride Parade next year.

Also disgustingly intriguing? They played this song during the game. Twice.

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