i gonna get dressed by the time it’s dark!

  1. My friends and I have our own language. I’m not kidding. There are multiple versions of it and none of it makes sense, yet we just know. It’s weirdly awesome.
  2. Sure glad it’s Friday! Yeah, right. My abundant TV schedule is the only thing that keeps me aware of what day it is.
  3. I still haven’t gotten any unemployment yet. This happened last time I got fired. My firer (that’s totally a word) said I could either quit and not get unemployment or get fired and collect unemployment. I opted for the latter, yet it never came. Lesson? DON’T GET FIRED.
  4. My previous employer (Douchebags, Inc.) is supposed to have the paperwork turned in by 11/11 (that’s tomorrow) and that’s given them 30 FUCKING DAYS to take care of it. With the 5,209,740 member HR department they have (for less than 500 employees), you’d think they’d be able to do that.
  5. A former co-worker, one that I wasn’t even all that close to, sent me a card yesterday in the mail. It was a very nice card, telling me that I should work with children, because I have a natural knack for it. And it also had a $50 gift card to a big gas station chain up here in my parts. Random acts, dude. They’re the best kind.
  6. There’s a secret plan for tonight that involves a sport and some drinking, but I don’t want to write about it, because there’s a somewhat surprise involved.
  7. I don’t even know if these were all complete sentences. I just know I’m hopped up on organic strawberry lemonade from Trader Joe’s and I need to get a haircut and take a shower, probably in reverse order.

Hasta Manana, my friends! (I learned that from working at Taco Bell. SERIOUSLY.)

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