respect would earn some fans

There’s a certain women’s national sports association that, within the past year or so, I’ve really started to love and support. There was so much support, in fact, that I decided to buy season tickets for the 2008 season of this said organization. I’ve been reading and intermittently posting on a message board that has to do with this team, and noticed over the past few months, that other season ticket holders seemed to bitch and moan a lot about what they did and didn’t receive by being season ticket holders. I kinda rolled my eyes every time I read something about it, figuring they were bitching about nothing. Little did I know.

Last week’s free Timberwolves tickets that ended up being not-really-tickets in a suite? An email went out to all season ticket holders and the first few people that replied got two free tickets. I responded back in less than ten seconds. Seriously. What the hell else do you think I do all day long while applying for jobs? I check email. It was only later I found out the details on the tickets. So, well, I passed on them. Plus, standing for two to three hours with no more monthly chiropractor visits until I get insurance again doesn’t really sound like a pleasant experience for anyone involved.

There was a promotion going on when I bought my season tickets. It involved being a first time season ticket holder that purchase the tickets in August. For those that met those qualifications, you got to have dinner and watch a Wolves game with one of the most amazing players on the team. I even confirmed this with the season ticket lady back in August, and she told me someone would get in touch with me. As you can guess, that didn’t happen.

The game is on November 16th and I’m trying to make plans to go out of town at some point that weekend. It makes it a bit difficult when you can’t finalize plans until you year back from an organization that can’t possibly be busy in the middle of the off-season when all of the majority of the players are playing somewhere in Europe.

So, I email. No answer. I email someone else and finally got an answer. Now it’s turned into a meet and greet with the player, and tickets to the game that once again aren’t guaranteed to have actual seats. And we wonder why the team doesn’t have as many supporters as any single one of the other WNBA teams out there. Whoops, did I mention the organization?

Chicago is the only team that consistently has a smaller attendance at every game, and that’s because they’re so new in the league. Minnesota, who’s been around for ten years now, has the second lowest attendance. They wonder why they don’t get support or more season ticket holders.

Don’t promise shit and then not deliver. That’d be a good start, ya know? Now I can’t blame people for bitching.

If I didn’t already plan on going to every game anyway, I’d tell them to take their season ticket and do something unpleasant with it.


  1. Yeah, that’s really disappointing. All I’ve come to expect out of the season ticket package is a discount on tickets I’d probably buy anyway. I think the one thing I got extra last season that was worthwhile and enjoyable was a talk with the VP of… Basketball Operations I think is her title or something like that (and even that was frustrating, because sometimes fans ask stupid questions and sometimes you just get the stump speech from the front office). Other than that, meh.

    But I do so love watching this team.

  2. That really stinks, Wendy. Sounds like somebody has really dropped the ball with season ticket holders, and that organization cannot afford that kind of mistake. You are such a supportive and loyal fan, and they need to follow through with their promises to you and the other season ticket holders.

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