america’s next top dog model right here

Riley had his photo shoot today. We got there late because A) I wrote down the wrong address and B) every road in Minneapolis is apparently under construction. They took about 200 billion shots of my puppy, and one of the guys said he was the best all day, but I’m sure they say that to every dog owner.

One of Riley’s best tricks/commands is not touching something when it’s on the ground. Sure, he’ll rip into a box of generic Fruit Loops while I’m out looking for jobs, but if I poured the whole box of cereal on the floor in front of him, he’d have nothing to do with it. So today, when they wanted him to eat pieces of hot dogs (one of his favorite foods EVER) off the floor or off a five-gallon bucket, he wouldn’t do it. He knows the rules, and there would be nothing to get him to break them. The photographers and marketing folks for this particular product probably think I have the most well-trained dog in all the land. And they even wanted more pictures of him smiling then they did of his typical pout!

He’s a good ol’ poser, my dog, and not even the brightness of studio photography lights really bother him. He’s such a model, that mangy ol’ mutt.

Our "payment" for our time today will be some dog treats from this particular company and a CD with all the pictures they took. I’m most excited for the CD, because my walls need more 12×18 canvas prints of Little Riley Pants.

Some lady before me had an only somewhat cute dog and after they’d taken her dog’s pictures, she decided she wanted even more compensation. The main guy explained to her four hundred times that the ad clearly stated how we’d be compensated, as did the contracts we had to sign (which called me "dog owner/agent"). She didn’t understand, blah blah blah, she had heart failure, blah blah blah. The guy, who is really as nice as he could be, just tore her contract up and told her they wouldn’t use her dog’s picture anyway since it was going to be such an issue. I tried hard not to laugh, and realized then that dog stage moms are about four million times creepier than regular two-legged kid stage moms. Good thing I’m so awesome.

Oh. And they were shooting Riley with a specific treats for dogs product in mind – DOGGIE BREATH MINTS. Nice.

I pretty much can’t wait to get the CD full of pictures.


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