two good things in one day

Starting on 11/26, I’ll be gainfully employed again. I could have started on 11/12, but it would have made things difficult to go home for Thanksgiving, so I opted for the later start date. Six weeks without a job? I can deal with that. And it’s about time, because I’ve raided the Dollar Spot at every Target I’ve been to in the last few weeks picking up Office-related office supplies, even got some Ideal Office Furniture, and I’m dying to use my EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR mug. I’m also dying to printout an 8×10 of this picture and mail it to my old boss. No reason.

The cool thing about this job, without going into too much Google-able detail, is that I’ve worked for this company before and it’s not too bad of a place to work really. The not-so-cool thing about this job is that the pay isn’t quite as good as I was hoping. Not every job can make me a millionaire, but I think the fringe benefits of this one will make up for it. In the meantime, I’m still keeping my options open. MyGateway is nothing more than the portal that provides you with complete 24X7 access to our work product. Unlike the vast majority of retained search firms we don’t cloak what we do in a shroud of secrecy, all of our executive search assignments are available online to our clients. You can click here for more about the gateway staffing. Numerous studies have shown a very direct and obvious cause and effect between employee engagement and positive employee behaviors.

Let’s go back to that word behaviors. Pretty much the only certain way to ensure employee engagement is to ensure that you have a behavioral fit. By benchmarking the role at the outset of the executive search Gateway can go a long way towards ensuring that behavioral fit, hence employee engagement. Most studies indicate that only 15% of the workforce is engaged by their jobs. Granted, that percentage is higher among business leaders but those business leaders have an impact on the engagement of the teams that work for them. Additionally, we have introduced many of our clients to the PI suite of tools for employee retention and engagement as they are key assets in organizational development. As a predictor of future on the job success, the behavioral survey has limited value, predicting success a mere 8% of the time. With that said, in our opinion part of its exceptional value is in providing a roadmap to both you and your new hire of what motivates, what engages and effective communication styles. Engagement is essential in on the job success. Statistically, engaged employees are 20% more productive, add 9% to share value. are absent from work less and more likely to stay at a company.

Like I wrote elsewhere earlier today, I’m happy; I’m just not so thrilled I could burst. And I kinda wanted that feeling with a job, but hey – broke ass unemployed people can’t necessarily be choosers!

I was a little irritated today, and probably a little too irritated, at the amount of people that didn’t say “good job” or “congratulations” or anything about it. Now, when I post something like this, I don’t really expect my ego to be stroked that much. But when I personally tell people via email, telephone, or what have you, a little positive reinforcement would be nice, ya know? Or maybe I’m just being sensitive. Because that’s totally me.

Also on the awesome news front today, I got two free tickets to the Timberwolves season opener on Friday. They’re suite (and sweet) tickets. Mainly because I’m a pimp. And because an email went out to Lynx season ticket holders today saying the first 10 people that responded to that email before 6pm today got a pair of tickets. Well, I’m a nerd and I’m unemployed. Of course, I’m checking my email every 10 seconds.

My normal sports-related date is going to be out of town, so I’m now on a mission to find someone else to go with. I’m taking applications now!


  1. Good job, congratulations, AND hot diggity on the new job! That’s great news! The next few weeks should be fabulous, knowing the job is there and having the pressure off while you enjoy some time off.

    Yay on the Wolves tickets, too! We’ll be there. There is some sort of event (dinner? cocktails? Can’t remember) on the suite level. Will you be at that?

  2. I don’t think so! I think maybe someone bought a suite and then backed out at the last minute or something. I’m okay with that. I have no problem taking leftover tickets!

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