whittling no more

A while ago, Jenni and I had signed up to take whittling class through Minneapolis Community Ed. We got a call last night letting us know that the class has been canceled, because only two people had signed up. I don’t think you can fathom the disappointment we both felt upon receiving this call. You see, I had already planned to chop down a few trees throughout my apartment complex, so I could whittle gifts for everyone for Christmas.

We decided to use the $40 we’d spend on our class and drown our sorrows with amazing cheese curds and several rounds of naked ladies in the Northeast area of Minneapolis tonight.

I can’t decide if I want to start whittling on my own or not. After all, the community ed class was going to provide us with finger guards. For some reason, I think this was a great idea.


  1. PeeWee

    Once I called the French teacher at the community college, and asked her to teach French to our group of five. She was more than willing.
    Is it possible to contact the whittling teacher, and ask if he/she would consider tutoring you and your friend outside of the school?

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