it probably would have stopped the crying

So. You know I don’t have a job, right? Right. Well, my health benefits run out next week. I’m going to try to squeeze in one final visit to the chiropractor before I’m cut off, because I’m not forking over the $350+/month for COBRA insurance. I’m hoping that doesn’t come back to bite me, but I’m feeling pretty good about locking down a new job.

 As you’ll recall, I spent a lot of time at the dentist from a few months ago. It cost a pretty penny… or more like thousands of those pretty pennies, but at least I can eat and drink without crying like a baby. Should I run into that crybaby dental pain thing again, I think I’ve found a solution that might hold me over until dental insurance has once again been secured – Dentemp OS. If I could have found something like that, I wouldn’t have had to spend weeks downing prescription pain killers while waiting to get an appointment into my dentist, ya know?

Not that I’ll avoid going to the dentist now, because I’ve found a really awesome one. I just know that whenever I need any kind of temporary dental repair, I can find some reprieve from the pain just by dropping by the local drugstore.





  1. I have benefits for another 5 days and then it would be almost $600 to COBRA. I find that living without benefits adds a little spice to life (and terrifies me, but whatever, I did it not too long ago). I do have an interview on Thursday, so…

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