best interview all day

My phone just rang, and the only reason I answered it is because I thought it was one of my former Work Boys™, because he’s threatened to call me every day when he gets off work until I answer the phone. This number had also called my phone five times in the last 24 hours.

Turns out it wasn’t one of my former Work Boys™, but someone asking me if I was ready to make some money. I said, SURE! because, well, I’m unemployed and am not too far above taking any job right now. But then I had to ask who it was, and as it turns out, it was Chad, and was actually looking for Jenni. Listen, Jenni, I TOLD you I was not going to be your pimp go-between ANY LONGER.

We abruptly ended our phone interview (ha) when I told him I was not Jenni.

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