365 project, attempt 2, day 2

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Today, I realized that being unemployed is boring. Like really boring.

I woke up, applied for jobs, took a shower, went to an interview, stopped by Cindi’s work to have some coffee and say hi, got a haircut, had lunch, came back home to apply for more jobs, took a nap, and then took Riley to the park.

Tonight, I cleaned my kitchen. And learned how to flip my grilled cheese without any utensils, because all the ones I needed were in the running dishwasher.
I need to schedule some more interviews soon, or I’m not going to have anything to write about.

Tomorrow, I’ve gotta visit the unemployment office, mainly because their website and their phone system both seem to be on the broken side. And then I’m having lunch with a former co-worker.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll fold socks or something, too.

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