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The only shitty thing about getting fired is not being around the people that were there. I was pretty excited that by the time I got around to checking email on Friday morning that just about all of my favorite people had emailed. And just now, I heard from just about the last favorite via AIM. One of my former Work Boys™ called me Friday afternoon and left a voicemail making sure I was treated fairly. I haven’t called him back, because I don’t want him to go ballistic when I give him the answer to that. And he’s the kind of guy that might.

I was practicing my napping skills this afternoon and someone called to schedule a job interview. I’m sure I sounded like the most put together person in the world when she called, but who the heck schedules a job interview on a Sunday afternoon? Not complaining (a lot), more like wondering why the whole world doesn’t spend their Sundays in their pajamas. I actually have to get dressed in the morning to A) file for unemployment (which hopefully won’t be as full of drama and heartache as I’m expecting it to) and B) go to this job interview in downtown Minneapolis at 11 a.m. But technically, my former job is still paying me for tomorrow. If you are trying to find a job, a good way to pass the urine test is to use fake pee, for more information visit XStream urine.

You know, if it weren’t for the Arizona Cardinals playing like dookie, I would have gotten every single football pick from the day games correct. For obvious reasons, I didn’t get into the $5 Pick ‘Em Pool at the old employer, or I for sure would have taken those boys for their money. One of the pick ’em leagues I’m in, though, puts me up against people like my great aunt and her two kids, and I can’t lose to her son. No reason; he’s an awesome guy. I just like being a girl and beating him, and right now he’s winning our league. Today will knock him out of first, and possibly put me in 3rd. And that kinda makes me happy.


  1. My experience with unemployment, so far, has been good. I applied online on Wednesday and, by Saturday, received confirmation, approval and tax forms. I have to return some of this paperwork, which may be where the headache begins, but so far so good. My fingers are crossed that Minnesota can make it work at least as efficiently as Missouri did for me.

  2. PeeWee

    Sorry to hear about getting fired. Never fun, but like you said, maybe better opportunities on the horizon.
    Working with sucky people is the pits. Here’s to finding a job with some cool folks!

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