a list just under the wire

  • I watched a lot of college hockey today and yesterday. It took me a whole year, but I’m finally starting to understand it. Last year, I just knew the puck went in the net and that meant one team scored. Now I know a bunch of awesome penalties (hooking is my favorite) and some rules that don’t make me look like a dummy. I’d pick watching college hockey over pro hockey any day.
  • Fuji Ya (don’t visit their website unless you want to throw up from annoying flash graphics and sounds) makes Yellow Cake Batter Martinis. It tastes exactly how you think it would – SUPER DELICIOUS.
  • I’m very excited for my plans tomorrow: watch a lot of football. I was kind of excited about not having to get out of my pajamas, but then I realized I might not have to do that for a while without a job and all.
  • I’m going to take up learning an instrument and start panhandling in downtown Minneapolis. I’m gonna bring Riley with me, because who wouldn’t want to throw money in Riley’s general direction?
  • I’m gonna watch Saturday Night Live now, and hope the fact that Jon Bon Jovi is hosting doesn’t make it suck.

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  1. Hockey is my favorite sport to watch. I like that the action is non-stop, the fans are a little nutty and that even the worst player on any team is still athlete enough to play their sport while wearing ice skates.

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