master of destruction

There are approximately 227 different reasons I’ll be happy to move out of my current apartment, and I’m sad that I won’t be able to get rid of them for another five months. I’ve already irritated two apartment leasing people, because they think it’s asinine I’m checking into their buildings this early. Hi, I like to have places to live, and also check to see where my dog can live since he’s not exactly your average dog that fits in a purse.

See, I’m a big fan of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and if I had a classic story that warranted Ty Pennington to wake me up with a megaphone at the crack of dawn, I’d be all over that. But since I’m sure I wouldn’t qualify, all I can do it take notes from their awesome makeovers and somehow make it all fit into an overpriced apartment.

Blinds, for example, happen to be something I take advantage of, because they just come with the apartment. Or at least they did with this one. My current apartment came fitted with mini blinds that Riley promptly tore up when trying to see outside. Blinds are in the way and he can’t have that, hence the dog-head shaped hole in my bedroom blinds.

He hasn’t managed to destroy the vertical blinds at that cover the sliding door to the balcony just yet, but considering there’s still five months to go, I’m gonna give him some time. If my new place would come with some fancy wooden blinds, it’d probably be even harder for Riley to form his own head-hole… but then again that’s probably why there’s that whole weight-limit in apartments for dogs. Yeah, they’re probably on to something.

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