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Photo-0008.jpgYou guys know I have this dog I love a lot, right? I think I’ve mentioned him once or twice in passing.

We went to the vet last night to get some routine vaccinations, which turned into all of the people at the vet’s office stopping into our exam room to give him some love. And it’s a good thing, because you know he doesn’t get that at home.

I have the best vet in the world, and when she came in, Riley recognized her right away and as soon as she knelt down to pet him, he just buried his head right into her. Considering he hadn’t seen her since the end of May, he almost acted like he missed her. This is the lady that sticks him with needles and shoves a thermometer in his butt, so for him to love her that much anyway, it’s insanely adorable.

Riley has allergies which cause him to lick his paws a lot, and it turns his white fur a shade of dirty brown. His allergies also cause infections to build in his ears if I don’t clean them more often then I clean my own. Every time we’re at the vet, I always get nervous that he’s going to need some type of extra medication than the occasional Benadryl because of this. When we get good reports, I get very happy.

They always hassle him, because over the 1.5 years he’s been going to this vet, he always has his typical wrinkled forehead, concerned look on his face. The vet always talks about getting bitten by different dogs and how they’re scared of her, and here’s my big ol’ dog just as friendly as can be. It makes me pretty happy.

He weighs 77 lbs now, which means he gained 6 pounds in the last four months. He still looks handsome as ever, so it’s no big deal. I switched him to a different food that he actually likes and that actually stays in his system, which is something that’s never really happened in the past.

Last night, the doctor was laughing, because she remembered when he first came into her office, which was when he and I moved into our current apartment. He had to be locked in kennel with zip ties and locks when I was at work, had scratches all over him from fighting too rough, and patches of his fur were missing all over the place.

She said that by looking at he and I now, you never would have guessed that I was a first-time dog owner and that not everyone would have had the patience to deal with the things that have come up with him just since she’s known us.

It makes me feel like I did a damn good job with my handsome boy. It may have taken me a month to decide that I was ready for a puppy, but I can’t imagine him having gone to anyone else.

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