purple parties

During football season and in Minnesota, there are parties full of purple all the time. Or at least there used to be before the Vikings started sucking even more than before. But this Purple Party is the only one you’d find me at anytime soon.

I’ve never actually known anyone with Alzheimer’s, but before I started doing The 3 Day, I never knew anyone with breast cancer either. With both cases, I’d just heard stories about people suffering from the disease, but that was all I needed to hear. Just because you haven’t been directly influenced by a horrible disease doesn’t mean you can’t help raise awareness for it. Knowledge is power, remember? And these purple parties will do just that.

September 21st is World Alzheimer’s Day – bet you didn’t know that existed, huh? I know I didn’t.

You know we do all sorts of fundraisers about 10 months out of the year, and I beg and plead for your donations so I can do ridiculous things like shave my head or, you know, walk 60 miles. But this is kind of a different idea.

Plan a party like this. Make it purple themed. Your guests will have an awesome time when they know they’re donating towards a cause that will help over 5 million Americans that have currently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. You could whip up a dinner party (I know, easier said than done!) or a garage sale or even some sports-related event to get the manly dudes involved in such a great cause.

Do something for charity sometime. A donation is terrific and generous and amazing. But doing something, even as simple as throwing a house party and collecting donations throughout the night? It puts you in a whole different place.

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