i’m stealin’ it all

I got home late from work today, put my key in my apartment door, and guess what? It wouldn’t turn. Funny, since it turned about 9 hours prior to that when I left for work this morning. Luckily, this is the one day of the week that my apartment complex is open past 6pm, so I called. They asked me to walk over to the other building to get a new key, so I did. Got back over to my building, and oh wait for it – that key didn’t work either. I called back to the front office and the lady said she’d come right over.

Meanwhile, I get a call about a very important work thing that needed immediate attention. I’d brought my laptop home (to clean off all reminents of personal things of mine), so I flipped it open in the hallway and after connecting to my wireless network (named AWESOME), I managed to get a bit of work done before the apartment lady came.

When she finally showed up, none of the keys she had with her worked. At all. So, you know how we got into my apartment? With some master key. You know what my options were after that? Not have a key until I get home from work tomorrow, or keep the master key with me all night.

Guess who has a master key to all the apartments in my building?

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