lynx season closer

This evening’s Lynx game was the last one of the 2007 season. The Lynx kicked ass, though, and Erica once again hooked me up with seats – this time courtside, and I do mean courtside. The local cameraman and his awesome cord-holding guy were the only thing between us and the court. Stephanie and I tried to keep our grossly inappropriate comments to a minimum, since we were sitting in the fancy seats.

After the game, the players signed autographs. Why, yes, I am a nerd and, yes, I did wait in line to get as many autographs as I could in 20 minutes. And we also stood outside the door to high five the team headed back into the locker room.

I was gigantic nerd, and am still feeling gigantically nerdy about the entire game/post-game activities. The Lynx turned out to be incredibly awesome to watch this year, despite a less than stellar record, and I really can’t wait to see who we land in the 2008 draft. With Lindsey Harding back to full strength for next season, and Seimone Augustus still as awesome as ever, anyone we can snag will make an awesome addition to the team.

Now I have to find a big enough frame to hold the autographed “Go Lynx!” sign that I now have in my possession. I don’t have my dream basement yet, that’ll be covered from floor to ceiling with autographed posters and game-worn jerseys, so my hallway might just have to work for now.


  1. Angie

    You look beautiful! I have told everyone I can about you guys and what you have done…I am completey sincere when I say-You are a very admirable person and I am so proud to be your friend! If I don’t talk to you before, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!
    Love ya,

  2. Oh, that courtside dealio was teh awesome. I’m in serious withdrawal already, even though there are playoffs to be watched. I suspect there will be an expansion draft sometime in the off season to look forward to.

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