love stems

gse_multipart51858.jpgIf you were to ever randomly stop by my apartment, you’d notice something that might seem a bit odd. No, it’s not the fact that my cupboard has more dog treats than it does people food and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I have various name tags stuck to my bathroom door. You’ll find a line of empty toilet paper rolls lining the handrail in my bathroom. Even though I should be, I’m not recycling.

I’m saving them. And as soon as I can get enough to fill a Priority Mail box, I’m shipping them off to St. Louis, where Julie, her husband Jeff, and their three adorable kids can use them to continue their amazing Love Stems project.

What the heck are Love Stems? Stolen directly from their website, they “make quirky flower crafts out of toilet paper rolls (of all things!) and deliver them to children and the elderly who could use some extra smiles.” How freaking adorable is that?

I met Julie and Jeff when in St. Louis for the Boob Ha Ha.  Julie donated five amazing photographs she’d taken, and then framed and matted. She brought in dozens of magnets that have become extremely popular during our Boobylicious fundraisers. During the auction part of the Boob Ha Ha, she ended up having the high bid on the quilt that Granny Viv had made. Honestly, that quilt could not have went to a better home!

I don’t know. Tonight, I decided there was just enough bad going on in the world that it was time to share something good – something really good. And what’s not really good about turning some old toilet paper rolls into smiles on the faces of people a little less fortunate?


  1. I’ve got an empty Pull-Up box sitting on my counter that I’m filling with empty rolls. I wish you could have met Julie and Jeff’s kids when you were here. They’re awesome!

  2. My old coworkers sister did that, too. She mentioned it to us one day at work and within 4 months we had given her something insane like 500 empty rolls (and paper towel rolls cut in half).

    It’s funny to think that all of those would have just ended up in the trash – it sort of puts recycling into perspective.

  3. sungazing

    aww man.

    You have me in tears sitting over here. Thank you so much for the kind words. I’ll have to read this to the kiddos and put it in our Love Stems scrapbook!


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