talking about the lynx is a happy thing

Tonight is the next to last Lynx game I’ll get to go to before the season ends. That pretty much makes me sad, but knowing that I’ve already got a seat reserved for the 2008 season via a season ticket makes me a little bit happier.

Kathrin Ress, our second-string center, played her last game while I was in the midst of Baseball Road Trip 2007. She’s now listed as Suspended, which isn’t as seriously as it sounds, considering she’s just going overseas to start practicing with the Italian National Team. The 2007 season was Kathrin’s rookie season, and she finally started to step it up a notch or two towards the end of the season. While the Lynx aren’t exactly contending for a spot in the playoffs, it’s still a shame to pull someone out of the rotation that’s finally starting to gel.

This afternoon, the Lynx re-signed Megan Duffy for the rest of the season. She’s already been let go by the team once this year, and played a couple of pre-season games with the L.A. Sparks before being let go there, too. Megan will take over Kathrin’s spot on the roster, but being only 5’7″ means she probably won’t be seeing too much time backing up the center position. It’s good to have another somewhat experienced point guard on hand, but it also makes me feel a little uneasy about who’ll be giving Nicole Ohlde a break throughout the game.

I’m pretty excited for the game tonight, because I’m going to see if I can actually get the seat where I’ll be sitting next year at every game.

Am I a nerd? Yes, but you knew that.

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