major collapsed bridge

A major bridge just collapsed in Minneapolis. Some of it fell into the Mississippi River and some fell onto the road below. I don’t really know what’s going on as far injuries and fatalities go, but the broadcast I’m watching on it keeps mentioning “red cards”, which obviously isn’t a good thing. It’s not pretty.

And I don’t like knowing that not all of my people are home safe and sound.


  1. Stephanie L.

    Glad to hear you and your peeps are okay (from your Twitter update). I was watching the coverage on the news — how horrific. I went to the U of M, so I am very familiar with that stretch of 35W. I have a phobia about bridges, so this just confirms it. Horrible.

  2. Thanks sweetheart for calling us to let us know about the bridge & that you were not on it. We’ve been watching the news since your call at 6:41. We are thankful you were not on it.

    Love You,
    Mom & Dad

  3. […] Chip tore down at least 30 stands probably more than a dozen times a year – thousands over the course of the years and years he’s been doing it. And today, for some reason, there was still a hot wire attached to this particular stand, and that’s all it took. It’s too much like the people that had driven over and over and over the 35W bridge every single day for years, probably being able to do it with their eyes closed, and one day, it just falls. […]

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