oh comcast. how you suck.

Last night, I was in the middle of writing a nice post about the awesome service I got while shoe shopping at Run N Fun yesterday, when I decided to call Comcast (a.k.a. the piece of shit company I use for my internet access and cable TV) and find out why my connection has been so flaky ever since I switched over to my new computer. I was thinking maybe it was a Vista setting or something, because it worked absolutely fine up until switching over.

Before I called, though, I decided to try their new online support. I can’t remember the idiots name that ended up helping me, but he claims to have rebooted my modem. I’m not Comcast Top Notch Internet Support Representative, but I’m pretty sure that when you reboot a modem, there should be an interruption in one’s internet connection. And since that never happened, I greatly doubted the ability of the guy that was trying to fix things. I ended up telling him the online chat tool was the most unproductive mode of assistance I’ve ever used, and he replied “Thank you for choosing Comcast!” So, I called in for help.

Ben, the giant douche who answered the phone, once again helped me through a modem reset, which I’d already done 3 times on my own. And once again, it didn’t work. While Ben and I were waiting for my computer to reboot, he tried to pitch me an upgrade to digital cable. When I told him I’d had digital cable for three weeks, but then disconnected it because I didn’t have the patience and neither Tivo or Comcast were able to assist me with making sure it could run alongside my boyfriend Tivo. After shooting him down three times, I finally shut him up by telling him there was no way in hell I’d be purchasing anything additional from Comcast when the products I was currently paying for didn’t even work. And then I didn’t even care about my internet connection anymore, and I just hung up on him, because JESUS. If I wanted to buy something, I would have asked for the sales department at 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday night. (Anger management issues? No, not me!)

It’s probably a router issue, but since Comcast tells me that any connection problem at all is because of the router, they’re not going to be banging down my door to help me figure it out. Times like these make me nearly furious that there aren’t other cable/internet options in my area.

On a completely different subject, I was supposed to go on a 15 mile walk today to train for The 3 Day, but some drama unfolded that made me not want to participate in said training walk, so I’m going to do my best to get some laundry clean around here. There’s only so many times you can wear a pair of cargo shorts before washing them, especially when you have a dog around that sheds enough tiny white hairs to make a nice winter jacket.


  1. I hate Comcast! We have the same problem in Tallahassee. They just plain suck. At the last house I was at with Comcast, we had to just unplug the cable from the wall on the occasion to get the internet to work again. But, of course, it wasn’t their fault. We use them for our work connection, too. Any guesses how many times we’re down around here?

  2. Comcast Sucks!!!… They only charge high bill and very cheap service ever I have seen on the earth. They always tried to cheat customers and will try to presume that they are the best broadband providers. Comcast sucks!!! and no more feeling like a broadband and they charge $39 per month. I am planning to switch to other broadband customers. Can anyone suggest me good Service provider in California?

  3. Ryan

    One of the tough things about installing for Comcast is the CONSTANT flow of retarded customers such as yourselves. Yes their are bad techs who screw up, but most of us are pretty damn good. When I install your modem for internet and phone service, then tell you not to disconnect the power or phone line into the back of the modem, I wasn’t kidding. Is it our fault that some shit for brains can’t figure out why his TV isn’t working when the power cord is disconnected? Keep your damn kids away from that shit! We work in the pouring down rain, go under nasty crawl spaces, step in your dogs’ shit and have to answer about a million of your retarded questions. My favorite is: “How does the phone work?” It’s a fucking phone douche, pick it up and dial! For gods’ sake! If you were born in 1920, DO NOT buy all of the latest high tech shit and then expect us to show you how to send a fucking e-mail! Thank you!

  4. ac

    the nice response by ryan just illustrates the problem…
    u cannot have good service w ppl w that kind of attitude
    i guess they like to be treated like tat when THEY r the customer
    i was a rep working for x company and sometimes got yelled at, called names but i alwas smiled and wasnt ever rude to a customer
    i think a customer should b allowed latitude in expressing themselves because the companies actually r helping humanity advance so if they dont care about the needs of the customers then they just stop our progress
    customer is an invaluable asset for any company and as such should be treated

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