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My department director (who I love a lot) was walking through our cube farm with a cigar cutting tool, clicking it back and forth. I’m certain he was trying to think of a way to get one of my fingers in it without me noticing, but I kept my hands out of his reach.

He started telling me about a different type of cigar cutter, and I had no idea where he was going with the story. It’s his tendency to talk about things that aren’t relevant at all, and eventually tie them to something that’s gonna make sense or be of interest to me. But cigars? That’s gonna be a reach.

Turns out, he he was referring to an incident back in 1999 where Michael Jordan was screwing around with his cigar cutting device and clipped off part of his finger.

Jordan would not have been ready for the start of this delayed season even if he had wanted to play. He’ll undergo surgery next week to repair a tendon in his right index finger that Jordan said he severed while using a cigar cutter during a vacation in the Bahamas.

The awesome thing? I completely remembered that and knew it was towards the end of his playing days. It was actually right before he retired from the Washington Wizards. My boss, however, was convinced that it was well after his playing days.

Point of the story? My Michael Jordan knowledge is not something to challenge.

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  1. Bill

    Actually, it was right as he was retiring from the Bulls. He didn’t play for the Wizards until 2001. I’m still pissed that he ever suited up for another club.

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