my wisdom teeth make me smart

I’m counting down the minutes until I leave for the dentist. I’m not really happy about it, but mainly I’m just hungry as hell because I haven’t been able to eat all morning! Sure, I could have woken up at 6 and had some breakfast, but let’s be serious. My alarm doesn’t even go off until 7:15, and by then, it’s too late!

I’m probably going to make a necklace out of my wisdom teeth, if they save them for me. Shark tooth necklaces are so 1998. Wisdom tooth necklaces are the wave of the future, and I’m starting that wave RIGHT NOW.

Man, if you guys thought I was a crybaby before now, just wait until I get home and finally wake up from the drugs they give me and I start posting about how much pain I’m in over the next few days.

My only mission this weekend is to be functional enough to attend the Lynx game on Saturday, because I seriously love them a lot right now. My bonus activity will be heading down to the Stone Arch Festival Saturday afternoon to see the Jack Brass Band play from noon until three, because I promised one of my Work Boys™ (who happens to run the band) that I’d make it if I weren’t dead!

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  1. You’re probably already there getting drugged up, but realistically you probably won’t be in too much pain. You’ll be irritated that you can’t eat right and that your face feels enormous, but by the time your drugs run out, you should feel totally ok.

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