the fortune that lied

On Tuesday at lunch, my Work BFF™ and I went to Leann Chin to have the most authentic Asian food in all the land. Her fortune said: Tomorrow will be one of the best days you have at work. Wednesday was quite possibly the worst day at work I’ve ever had and while it wasn’t exactly my fortune, I figured it’d at least rub off a little on me, but I was obviously dead wrong.

Within an hour of getting into work, I had to deal with something that I shouldn’t have even been involved in to begin with, but I stepped into defend a buddy and I guess that was enough to throw me into the middle. I didn’t do anything wrong, none of my buddies did anything wrong. It made me question my integrity, which pretty much defines my work ethic nowadays.* Obviously, it’s a work-sensitive issue and I can’t discuss it publicly. It seriously made me stick to my stomach and despite making an attempt to go get some lunch, I wasn’t even hungry.

I couldn’t focus on work after we got back from our thwarted lunch run. After we got back from lunch, Hennepin County felt the need to sound the tornado sirens, due to some serious weather that had been reported very north of where I work. I was prepared to batten down the hatches and just work through the sirens, since it wasn’t even raining in my neck of the woods, but we got herded into our Safety Zone instead.

We had no idea where our Safety Zone was, but we were adamantly told to take cover somewhere without windows. Half a dozen of us headed to the supply room to sit around and look at each other for a half hour, putting me out of commission to put together some quotes I was supposed to be getting out as soon as possible. Lovely. I spent the last half hour of my day stressed out and behind on deadlines and that infuriates me.

I sped home to try to get my packages from my apartment’s office before they closed at 6. I got there at quarter ’til and a sign was hanging on the door letting people know they’d closed the office early for construction. I decided I’d do some laundry so I could take some clean pants to Missouri tomorrow, but then I noticed the nice signs on the dryers that said “Dryers aren’t working. Vents are broken.” Isn’t that convenient?

The good news? My passive aggressive sign vandalizing from yesterday was gone and the door was fixed. I can now go into my front door without propping it open with someone else’s newspaper. Hooray.

(*Disclaimer for smart asses that drop by from time to time: While I may have made some decisions or two over five years ago that weren’t up to my current moral code, everyone learns and grows and changes. You can save your comments/emails or they’ll be shared with everyone.)

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  1. Must have been negative work energy in the air with that storm yesterday, because I walked into the office at 7:45 yesterday morning, and by 8:30 I had quit. Hope your work ickiness has worked out by now.

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