t-mobile and their crappy tiers

Here’s the thing. I’m paying $14.99/month for unlimited text and picture messages. And I use them to the tone of about 1400 messages a month. Yeah, I’m a nerd, but when I’m on the phone all day at work, the last thing I want to do when I get home is talk on the phone.

I’ve been having some text message issues lately. I called T-Mobile Friday night to explain to them that I often have to try resending a message six or seven times before it goes through. Stacy or Tracy or whatever the support person’s name was had me try a few things, and wouldn’t you know it didn’t fix anything? Now I’m supposed to call T-Mobile and I’ll be automatically directed to their TIER 2 technical support.

I’m on the phone with them now, and of course they’re refusing to send me through to the extra special Tier 2 support until we go through absolutely everything I went through Friday night. It does give me great pleasure to be able to guide this bozo through the information that I know he’s going to ask from me. When he finally transferred me to the special land of Tier 2, there was so much static on the line that I couldn’t hear the operator. First, she tried shouting, because that always makes static go away. And then? She hung up on me. HUNG UP ON ME. So, now I’m calling again.

I called back. And I’ll limit my bashing of T-Mobile by saying apparently my phone has water damage and apparently that means it’s out of warranty. I may or may not have dropped it in a sink a couple of weeks ago, while doing dishes.

It’s phone shopping time.

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  1. Vajayjay Jones

    Can you please get a nokia one so I can text message from your phone while you’re in the bathroom?

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