it started off all grown-up-like

My weekend started out responsible enough. Friday night, I took Riley to the dog park and then went textile shopping at IKEA. I keep laughing about shopping for textiles, but that’s what I did! I also bought some supplies for a BBQ on Saturday, including a cooler that I’d been needing forever. My only frivolous purchase was another PlayStation 2. Mine bit the dust a few months ago and my Work BFF™’s BFF isn’t sure if he can fix it, so I just ponied up the cash for a new one. It’s still in the box.

Saturday, the wholesome grown up behavior continued with a trip to meet up with some folks from LiveJournal at Minnehaha Park for the OMGWTFBBQ. It was a gorgeous day with fun people, good food, and a spoiled rotten puppy.

Once it got dark, I went to go pick up Cindi. We had dinner at Big 10, which we’re adding to our list of regular haunts, and had the most adorable server in all of the land, named Nik. I totally hopes he googles himself and sees what we almost left him as a tip. We had two subs, a basket of fries, two Amaretto Sours and two Vodka lemonades – for $21. It felt right to tip him over 30%!

Jack Brass Band was on stage at 10:30 at The Cabooze, which is where we headed next. We stepped over into another bar called The Joint so Cindi could smoke. While she was smoking, we decided it’d be a good idea to switch shoes. While in the process, we got in trouble for taking our shoes off by the bouncer. After the JBB was finished, I bought my buddy/co-worker the traditional post-gig shot – dude wanted a Scooby Snack; he got a Red Headed Slut – and then Cindi and I battled with a decision to either head to the 90’s or Pi. I’m not sure how or why, but PI won the argument.

At Pi, Cindi and I saw like 5 billion people we knew. I may have gotten accidentally punched in the shoulder by a Lynx player, and I left Cindi alone for 10 minutes and sure enough, she finds the only gay boys in the whole bar.

In one particular conversation, I found out some good news about my hopeful future of head-shaving. I was talking about my lofty fundraising goal and the results of what would happen if I hit it, and a girl let me know that in probably a month after shaving it, I can have a faux-hawk. HELL YES. Now get to donatin’!

I went outside with Cindi for some fresh air and I’d forgotten my bottle of water was securely shoved in my back pocket. There’s a rule at Pi that says you can’t bring your drinks outside (water included apparently), so for the second time that night, Cindi and/or I had done something that required the attention of a bouncer. My water was confiscated and I had to ask another more-tattooed bouncer for it when we went back inside.

Switching shoes and drinking water. That’s how wild and crazy we are.

We had to cap off the night with a tradition we hadn’t visited in quite a while. Cheeseburgers at Santana Foods. We were excited to see they’ve remodeled and now have a much larger patio for middle of the night binge eating!

I’m glad I’ll be at the Twins game tonight, because it’d be hard to sit around doing nothing after such an action-packed Saturday. Never mind the two naps I’ve already today.

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