Do any of you use Twitter?

At first, I hated it. My local friends and I use Dodgeball, which is super convenient and actually super helpful for me, because it sends out actual addresses, too. I need those sometimes!

Once I set Twitter up through my phone, though, I kind of started loving it. I have an unlimited text message plan, and use somewhere around 1400 text messages a month. Adding a few more a day via Twitter doesn’t bother me, plus it typically gives me some type of entertainment throughout the day.

Here I am on Twitter, and I also added one of their spiffy badges to the sidebar over yonder. I wouldn’t want you to worry about where I am or what I’m doing if I haven’t updated here in a day or two! < /sarcasm>

I really kind of like giving 140 word updates on my life via text message. Yeah, I didn’t think I could stay under that # of words either, but it is possible!

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