ai: final four do the bee gees

The only thing that could possibly make this disco-infused episode better would be to have Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon make an appearance with The Barry Gibb Talk Show. Actually, this is one of my favorite theme nights, especially when they get to sing two songs each. I should probably go find my cell phone, because I have some votes that need to be cast. Casted? Cast.

Melinda DoolittleLove You Inside and Out – It was refreshing to see Melinda say she wanted to take a song and make some changes to it. While she sings every song that she picks very well, I like that she’s taking some type of artistic freedom… even if it did make Barry Gibb nervous. She has a lot of fun during this performance and, as usual, she does a great job.

Randy thinks it’s going to be an interesting night, and calls Melinda’s performance another solid one. Paula says her vocals are always spot on and it’s hard to critique her. Simon puts words in Paula’s mouth and says neither one of them were impressed. He says it was more of a backing vocalist performance then a star’s performance.

Blake LewisYou Should Be Dancin’ – Barry Gibb likes the beatboxing, and I appreciate that coming from a dude who wore leisure suits. I’m not so much a fan of the skunk stripe he has going on in the front of his head. I don’t care if Blake wins or not, because he’s gonna pull a Daughtry if he doesn’t and beat the record sales of any other person in this competition. I loved his performance and seriously would only want him to wear a leisure suit to be even more awesome.

Randy says he felt like he was in some weird disco-tech in a foreign country and the beatbox was too much for this song. Paula thinks he shows true musicianship, but didn’t think it was his best performance. Simon agrees with him being unique, but thought the performance was terrible.

Lakisha JonesStayin’ Alive – I’m not sure slowing down this song is a wise decision. Wow, I’m not so sure about her performance this week either. She needed to really kick it up about 29 notches, but that didn’t really work for her.

Randy tells her it wasn’t workin’. Paula thought that by taking the tempo down, she brought the mood down in the audience. Simon says she’s back to shouting on and says the performance was scary at parts.

There was an Applebee’s commercial during the break. I’m pretty sure Tyler Florence said he has a 100% anus burger. (Shut up, I know what he really said, but that’s not what it sounded like!)

Jordin SparksTo Love Somebody – I absolutely love that she’s excited about getting As and Bs on her report card. Man, when she was just practicing with Barry Gibb, I had goosebumps. She’s so good, and this was no exception. I would have liked to see her leave the mic in the stand.

Randy liked the Mariah/Aretha throwback she gave to the song, and says it’s the best one so far. Paula and Simon both agree. Duh.

Melinda DoolittleHow Can You Mend A Broken Heart – Apparently she’s been avoiding singing any lyric that has to do with being a loser throughout the entire season so far. How funny is that? The thing about Melinda is that she always looks great and is always more than professional. I was just about to type that I’d like to really see her turn it up for one performance, and you know what? She totally did. This song was the best I’ve ever seen her.

Randy loved it and calls her the resident pro. Paula says it’s no doubt a beautiful vocal, and is waiting for her to jump out. RandySimon says the second half of the song has put her into the semifinals.

Blake LewisThis is Where I Came In – I’ve not heard this BeeGees song. Barry Gibb says it could be a hit, since it wasn’t with them. Ha. Blake never lets me down with his choice of shoes. And songs, too. The minimal beatboxing in this song was a good idea.

Randy still isn’t jumping up and down, and tells him he doesn’t have to beatbox in every song because it gets old. Paula calls him the contemporary rebel in the competition. She said she didn’t know the song, but thinks Blake could turn it into a contemporary song. Simon found the song completely tuneless and says he doesn’t think Blake’s had a good night tonight.

How does Judge Judy get a front row seat, but Simon’s mom gets thrown three or four rows behind her? I mean, I’m a Judge Judy fan, but I didn’t know she ranked that high!

Lakisha JonesRun to Me – Hmm. She slowed down Stayin’ Alive, and now she’s singing a ballad. I don’t think either one of these are anything different than what she’s done in the past several weeks. It was nice and sweet, but it wasn’t amazing.

Randy just calls it good and Paula says she’s still a champ. Simon thought it was better than the first song, but considers her and Blake vulnerable tonight.

Jordin SparksWoman in Love – She’s singing a Barbra Streisand song, which could end up being one of those situations where the judges tell her not to mimic people like that. She once again looks absolutely incredible. Every time she sings, I completely forget she’s only 17. Only here’s the deal. I guess I’d compare her singing style to Kimberley Locke, but maybe better. I have Kimberley Locke’s first album, and I got bored with it pretty quick.

Randy thought it was pitchy. Paula gives her the beautiful speech and says she loved her anyway. Simon thought it was old-fashioned and very pageant-y.

For the first time that I’ve heard, Ryan did the same Seacrest Out thing.

I don’t really want to guess the bottom two, but I think Lakisha’s gonna probably wind up going home this week. Melinda and Jordin have been way too consistent over the past several weeks, and Blake’s got too big of a following to hit the road just yet.

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