paintball splatters

My brother’s always been kind of a freak with guns. He’s not really the type to start his own militia or turn into some gun-toting mountain main, mainly because it would probably get his shoes dirty, but for as long as I can remember, he’s always been into some type of shooting – generally aluminum cans or large empty buildings.

My favorite addition to his collection that I’ve actually used has to be his paintball guns. I’m a horrible shot with anything bullet-related, so when it comes to splattering paint all over an wheelbarrow that’s laying on its side, I’m a huge fan. And not to terrible at it.

Looking at the different paintball supplies kind of makes me want to stock up on paintballs and knock some sense into the kids that taunt my dog on a regular basis. I feel like justice would prevail if those kids had to walk home with splatters of paint all over them. I’m such a vigilante.


  1. Emily

    I would think that it would be fun or cool to have many different colors of paint balls on hand – maybe even on their own rack or shelf, like spices – to “label” different said kids. Hmmm, the possibilities…

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