three, count ’em, three craptastic book reviews!

I missed reading books in the whole month of February, but made up for it in March by reading four books. I finished two of those over the span of an eight day cruise. Who knew reading on a lawn chair in the middle of the ocean could be so soothing? It’s a lot better than reading while in the midst of a layover at the Atlanta airport, that’s for sure.

You Can Get Arrested for That: 2 Guys, 25 Dumb Laws, 1 Absurd American Crime Spree was my first reading conquest of the cruise. I was very excited to read it, because it tells you how to get arrested. You can’t beat that. It’s written by a guy young enough to be my cabana boy, and details his trip to American and quest to break 25 really dumb laws. How dumb?

Did you know it’s illegal to hunt for a whale in the state of Utah? The author took a boat into a Utah lake and actually attempted to hunt whale. Law broken! Did you know it’s also illegal to fall asleep in a cheese factory in South Dakota? Unfortunately, there were no cheese factories in South Dakota that would allow the author (Rich Smith) to give it a shot. Law not broken!

It was a funny book and a quick read. A poor college student, his trusty and faithful sidekick, and a lot of booze probably explains why I enjoyed it so much.

We Thought You Would Be Prettier: True Tales of the Dorkiest Girl Alive. The title alone probably explains why I loved this book. If you’ll remember, I read Laurie Notaro’s first book back in January and absolutely adored it. That’s why I didn’t bat an eye when I picked up this one, and it’s the same type of book. Laurie tells stories that may or may not be slightly embellished. And I don’t care how true they are, because they entertain the hell out of me and I won’t be done until I read all of her books.

She’s a normal girl and not-so-normal things happen to her just out of the blue. I think that’s why I like her and love the way she tells a story.

Throwing Bullets: A Tale of Two Pitchers Chasing the Dream – what’s with books and their ridiculous subtitles? When I write a book it’s going to have a one word title. Or maybe two. But definitely no subtitle.

Throwing Bullets is a baseball book written by a guy who follows two minor league (at the time) pitchers in the Twins organization. One of those pitchers? Francisco Liriano, who is one of my favorite Twins players. While I enjoyed reading how the author finally broke Francisco, who I’m totally calling Frankie now, out of his shell by the end of the season, I thought the book was full of a lot of fluff. I didn’t particularly care about the color of the trees on the winding road from one stadium to the other, but I’m sure some people do.

I liked reading about Liriano, and found my self not caring much about the other pitcher profiled in the book. My opinion would probably be different if I wasn’t a Twins fan or if I didn’t know who Liriano was.

Don’t worry – I have more books to read! But that’s seven down for this year so far!

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