trivia the second – hooters edition

Being gone a week and banishing myself from thinking about fundraising the entire time really gets me out of whack when it comes to The 3 Day! But guess what? We’ve got another one in less than a month!

Hooters (at Block E in downtown Minneapolis) is hosting so Find Out More lowhosting dot com Trivia Night for us on Tuesday, May 1st. Feel free to register in advance to make sure we can reserve a spot for you. Things got a little crowded at Hubert’s, so pre-reigstering is definitely to your advantage! It’s $5 a person and the winning team will once again win a cash prize of $100!

As usual, any and all proceeds will go towards Team Boobylicious’ campaign for the 2007 Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk, taking place August 24-26.

For those keeping tabs, we’re at $6160 as a team (our team goal is $30,000), and I’m up to $635 of my required $2200 (although, my personal goal is $3000).

Go boobs!

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