my 70 pound baby

My dog, the one that’s wearing a collar from Old Navy, had an appointment with the groomer today. I brought him in and was a bit concerned when I didn’t recognize any of the groomers at all. There’s not much you can do, though, to mess up grooming my dog. His hair doesn’t need to be cut, and he doesn’t really need to be brushed, so I guess I was confident in their abilities to do what needed to be done to Riley.

As they took him back, I was told it’d be 1.5 to 2 hours before he was done. That set off one alarm, because what the hell are they doing that takes them two hours? Giving him a manicure and a pedicure? Flossing his teeth?
After only an hour, they called to let me know they were finished, so I went to go get him.

He always jumps over the swinging half door they have there when he sees me, and as he did, I noticed his back right knee was bleeding. My poor little puppy was wounded!

The girl that groomed him tried to tell me that he must have done it getting back into the crate after he was done, but I have my doubts. He’s been in and out of a crate at least 1000 times by now, and he’s never scratched himself so bad that it’s drawn blood. Unless the crates in the back of the grooming salon are lined with barbed wire, I’m not entirely sure how this may have happened.

And regardless of how it happen, I’m none to happy about it. Nobody makes my puppy bleed!

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  1. […] Last month, while at the beauty parlor, my dog was injured in the form of a two inch gash on his thigh/knee. I had major hesitations in taking him back to the same grooming salon, which is not-so-conveniently located in the dumbest, more shitty store in the world – Petsmart. The main reason I did want to take him back? Every other time he’s been bathed and groomed there, it’s been wonderful. They all love him and he always smells great and looks great when I pick him up. Most of all? He really loves going. […]

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