happy friend-iversary, sailor!

Jenni reminded me today that it’s our two-year friend-iversary. And just within those two years is when I’ve met everyone else that I hang out with regularly now. What’s really weird? I can’t fathom that I’ve known these people that short amount of time. We joke about how we’re family and how we’re all descendants of Granpappy Awesome, but really,we’re just that close.

In any case and if nothing else, the last two years have at least provided more entertaining blog entries and you can’t deny that. It’s also been two years of doing things that make me slightly uncomfortable, and challenging myself in different ways, and laughing (and maybe drinking) more than I had since moving here. (Her version of the weekend [minus the stuff without me] is a perfect example!) I’ve also perhaps never used the words DUDE and AWESOME more appropriately than the past two years.
We’re about to spend 8 days in a row together and in a small room while at sea the majority of the time. I’d be worried about it if it were someone else, but since she’s only tried to spoon with me once (in a tent during The 3 Day last year), I think it’ll be a-okay.

Also, I found this piece of art commemorating the night we met!

(sorry, sucker, I win for gay!)


  1. wait, didn’t you say i was gay earlier? YOU WIN, CAP’N.

    that cruise ship isn’t gonna know what hit it. i mean, besides that iceberg.

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