the irish birthday weekend

I’m half Irish and I feel sad that this is the first time I’ve really celebrated St. Patrick’s Day like a true Irish lass.

Friday: Hockey. The Gophers had to beat the Wisconsin Badgers in order to make it to the championship game. Matt and I met at The Happy Gnome for our family shot (Jag Bomb, please!), and then carpooled over to Fuji-Ya for some pre-game sushi for everyone else and just parsley for me, thanks. Also? Cake Batter Martinis. After turning everything into a four syllable hockey chant, we finally got our tab and headed towards the Xcel Energy Center to find our five-rows-from-the-ice seats.

The Gophers won and all was right in the world.

Saturday: Hockey started at 2 and after looking for cream-cheese stuffed pretzels, we found our seats before the 2nd period. It was the St. Cloud State and Wisconsin game, so we cheered for St. Cloud. Minnesota pride or something. Wisconsin won in overtime, though, so drinks were needed.

St. Patrick’s Day in St. Paul is celebrated all day long. We found this out everywhere we went, but we ended up going to Matty B’s Supper Club, which was hosted by the largest Leprechaun in the world, Matt Birk (the center from the Minnesota Vikings), who was actually tending bar. We had a drink or two and met some old man who said he was a Scientist of Whiskey. We stopped at the Holiday Inn bar, because everywhere else was super packed. And then it was back for the hockey championship, where the Gophers won in overtime. We finished celebrating the victory and all that is Ireland at Tony Jaro’s, then The Otter, and final stop at Santana’s.

Sunday: I turned 29. I reflected a lot. And I napped a lot. Later, Jenni, Cindi, Matt, Stephanie and I had birthday dinner at Chiang Mai Thai. I got birthday phone calls, emails, or comments of some nature from most of my family and friends. I’m a little furious about one phone call I didn’t receive, but let it easily roll of my shoulders after realizing some people are too wrapped up in themselves anyway.

Also, best birthday wish ever: “Happy Birthday. I love you, Wendy. You have a birthday cake and you have a dog named Riley.” Excuse me while I melt.
There was more sleeping after dinner and enough time playing Sims that I knocked myself up, but couldn’t get child services to come pick up my kid.

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  1. Leigh

    I wanted to go into Matty B’s but I was overruled by my non-drinking friends. We had to settle for seeing Birk in the parade. He looked ridiculous. It was awesome! The best part is that he had to go somewhere and ask for a giant green suit. =)

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