number 1 kurtis blow

You know where the name “March Madness” came from? It came from my birthday being 18 days into the month. You know who borrowed the term “March Madness”? The NCAA. And I’m okay with that.

You know what else I’m okay with? Awesome basketball equipment that you can get for a good deal just because it’s March Madness time. I figure if towels and bedsheets can be on sales for President’s Day, then heavy-duty, completely dunkable basketball equipment should absolutely take advantage of the whole March Madness hoopla.

I turned in a bracket this year. I watched a total of half a half of a college game this year. I don’t even remember who was playing besides New Mexico State, and I can’t even tell you who won. I just think being a loyal sports fan of any type, you’re required just to guess or you lose your Sports Fan Club Membership. I’ve been a member since 1984, though, so I can’t see giving it up anytime soon!

Imagine my non-college-basketball-watching-surprise when I learned that Duke wasn’t ranked #1 and Missouri didn’t even make the tournament. Then again, when’s the last time Missouri has actually made the tournament?

I think I might have to actually watch a few games of the tournament this year, even if it just happens to be the Final Four or something equally as impressive and covered by TV.

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