things to do on the internet

  1. We need one more team for Fantasy Baseball. Who’s in? Details are here. Don’t be scared to join!
  2. Register for Boobylicious Bar Trivia! The deadline is next Tuesday, but we’re filling up fast, so don’t forget to get your team on the list! Details here.
  3. RileyCam is on today. I can’t promise anything exciting, but at least it’s there.
  4. Someone find me some lunch! I’ve been in meetings all day and haven’t had time to go get food. I really do not want to make a meal out of Girl Scout cookies.
  5. My birthday celebration is taking place on Saturday. Next weekend is too full of hockey to actually celebrate the whole weekend long (even though I’ll manage, I’m sure). More details for that coming soon – I just wasn’t on the ball this year. LAME.


  1. I finally clicked over to the Riley cam while he was doing something other than sleeping. He appeared to be giving his toy a cuddle, very cute.

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