it may not have been smart

At my work, which you’ll notice I rarely talk about anymore for various reasons I may one day explain, we always order business cards online. I guess this probably saves quite a bit of hassle when it comes to dealing with sales reps who are more than high maintenance, specifically myself.

We just got a new brand or logo or whatever you marketing professionals call it, so I figured it’d be good to get new cards… especially since the last cards I had were from two logos ago. When ordering them, I was feeling ambitious and dedicated, so I had my personal cell phone printed on them. When I finally got them last week, I kind of started to regret my decision of giving any customer and/or co-worker free reign to call me when I’m busy at Pub Trivia on Thursday nights (except tonight) or watching Las Vegas mob movies (Smokin’ Aces on Tuesday night).

Then, I looked at the bright side. If worse comes to worse, I can always take a Sharpie to all of the work-related information and just hand them out with reckless abandon at bars.

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