free podcast hosting sound dangerous

You guys have probably figured out by now that I like to write about myself. A lot. Probably too much. And I’ll admit, the main reason I do is just to entertain myself. I’d never really thought about taking it to the next level until about five seconds ago.

What next level, you might be asking? Well, podcasting, of course. When I see the words Free Podcast, my interest is automatically piqued. It looks easy enough, especially for someone that’s only listened to about one or two podcasts in my entire life.

The thing that makes me laugh most about the idea of having my own podcast is people listening to me ramble on and on for minutes at a time. It might be worth it, though, just so I can go back and listen to myself to find out how many times I actually drop the f-bomb in a one-sided conversation.


  1. that’s the thing, though – i don’t listen to podcasts. i hate talk radio. so, actually listening to podcasts don’t interest me at all.

  2. kaye

    it’s not really talk radio – its this guy (who happens to be a stand-up comic) and his girlfriend bitching about things, and sometimes fighting with each other. also, they’re clowns at kids parties, which allows them to tell stories about wiping their asses with balloons while dressed as spiderman. and they talk about masturbation a lot, which is really hilarious when you’re at work.

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