and now my dog is licking the wall

Yay!According to every weather forecast I’ve heard for the past 48 hours, we’re about to have 298 days of straight snow and 40 feet of accumulation. Or something like that. The Great Snowstorm that was supposed to happen last night and is barely happening right now has been hailed as “the worst in a long time!”, so that can only mean one thing for my plans this weekend – carry on as usual!

Matt’s birthday is tomorrow, so we started properly celebrating last night with hockey and drinks at Liquor Lyle’s, followed by more drinks at Town Talk. If anyone could possibly say they had a bad time, they’re lying. A LOT. The pictures are proof. Bill and I headed south after bar close, and despite reports of our potential deaths happening on the way home, the roads were actually very well taken care of and neither of us met our demise. Thankfully.

Still not receiving the snowstorm of the century, we carried on with the plans we’d made for today – A TRIP TO THE ZOO. What Minnesotan wouldn’t do that in the middle of February? Stephanie and I followed a snowplow along the interstate to meet up with Matt and Jenni at Como Zoo. We had some photography class homework to do, and figured we could get it done and see our favorite animals all at the same time. I don’t know how much of our homework we finished (here are the few I took), but I’m now really in love with polar bears and, as always, the orangutans.

Now I’m home. For now. Matt’s birthday still has some celebrating left to do tonight, and I’m hoping the snow doesn’t get too much heavier. I hate being defeated by a little precipitation!

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  1. Amy

    ok. This is going to sound massively pathetic…that is my forewarning.

    Please please please feel fortunate to have so many friends that are truly your friends. After the many crappy turns my life has taken…I look around and find myself surrounded by people at times…but not very many true friends. I have two people I would trust my LIFE with…but they happen to live far away. So…don’t take them for granted (not that you would) ever. And know that you are loved.

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