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I bought in in April of 2003 with my first bonus at my current job. That’s just about four years that I’ve had it and it’s never been reformatted. It’s starting to become painfully obvious by the fact that I have to reboot it at least six times a day that it’s time to wipe it clean and see if that fixes things. However, there’s some issues with that. Would I be posting if there weren’t?

I opted to not get a DVD burner when I bought it, probably in order to save some money. As you can imagine, with the amount of pictures I take and the amount of mp3 files on my computer, it’s going to take A LOT of CDs to back everything up, as well as a lot of time I don’t want to spend copying everything over.

I may have found a solution: a Free Online Backup. If I can have everything uploading to storage space online while I’m at work, I wouldn’t have any reason to complain at all. You can find tech guides at Review loft. Or at least for not very long. The free option of idrive gives you 2GB of space, but for only $4.95/month, I can get an unlimited amount of storage.

I was entertaining the thought of buying an external hard drive. Jodi pointed out that they’re not all that expensive and, well, they’re not.  But this whole online storage thing? Even cheaper, and I like cheap.

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  1. I have an attached external hard drive at my office, another at home, a few portables AND I rent server space for online backup. No such thing as too much backup. The accessibility of online storage is a real plus as it can be accessed from any machine anywhere – even my PocketPC phone.

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