learning to take pictures

I’m taking a class right now called The Art of Photography. I laugh every time I think of the class’s name, because my photography usually consists of drunk people or my dog, but it’s art, dammit!

I missed last week, which was our 2nd class, because I had to work late. I know, right? You can imagine how furious I was. Since I’m in class with three of my homies, though, they were able to pass along the assignment for tomorrow night. But since I’m a slacker through and through, I forgot to write it down and here it is the night before class and I don’t have any of my homework done. Why does this sound familiar of most of my educational career?

The one class I went to was pretty exciting and it reminded me that I need to take more pictures like I used to! I guess it really stopped when I moved into my apartment and didn’t have the overwhelming urge to get the hell away from my living situation, but I miss it. I, and sometimes other people would join me, used to just spend a few hours walking around somewhere and taking pictures. That would be the whole reason behind going somewhere for the day.

In any case, I know part of tomorrow night’s assignment involves taking pictures involving depth-of-field. I have a broad idea of what that entails, but I thought I’d look it up anyway. And then Wikipedia gave me some information that had ALGEBRA in it. Really? Is it necessary to take my favorite thing and involve the one thing I absolutely abhor? Do not tell Mrs. Piatt, but I hated that class in high school, no matter how much I sucked up to her. I don’t even remember who I took Algebra from in college (both times), but I’m certain I hated that class, too.

This is comparable to giving me a brownie, but then after I’m thoroughly enjoying it, telling me it’s made out of tempeh. Not a happy surprise, my friends, not a happy surprise at all.


  1. Yeah, I miss those days. Maybe that’s what makes Summerfest so fun…it gives us an excuse to get together and act like children again. :)

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