my history with florida

We finally booked our flight to at least get to Florida. It was cheaper to buy a damn one way ticket to Fort Lauderdale than it was to do any type of round trip flight we could find… and we were getting a little worried, since it’s just over six weeks away and flight times/prices weren’t actually going our way. And really, if we get stuck in Fort Lauderdale, is it really all that bad of a thing?

This isn’t the first time I’ve been to Florida. The first time was with my church youth choir (I’ll wait for you to stop laughing) and we went to Pensacola. It was my first trip to see a beach. I don’t remember much of it; I guess I remember only one major thing. We were set for our day on the beach, but our youth minister made all of the girls stay on the bus we’d taken down from Missouri, while the boys got to head on to the water. Our youth minister proceeded to scare the crap out of about 45 girls, ages 13-18, telling them that if any of us had our “special time”, we should be careful because sharks would know and they could attack. Nice.

The second time? A marching band trip my sophomore year of high school. Our pathetic excuse for a marching band was invited (or maybe begged to get invited) to the Gator Bowl, where we’d play along with 6540 other high school marching bands before the Alabama Crimson Tide played whoever it was they were playing in 1994. We stopped for a day a couple of hours at Daytona Beach, and spent the rest of the week band geeking it up.

The third time will come on March 25th, where we’ll land in Fort Lauderdale and run across the street to Port Everglades, where we’ll walk across a plank onto our ship. We’ll return on April 1st. I won’t really be spending a lot of time in Florida, I suppose.

Next time, I think I’ll be investigating some Florida vacation rentals. Staying in one city for more than one day while in Florida isn’t something I’d probably end up complaining about… especially if it were in the middle of February, when the temperature got up to a balmy 7 degrees today.

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  1. My first trip to Florida was a choir trip to Orlando in 10th grade. Good times.

    I was really jonesing to go down there next weekend, but it’s proving to be spendier than I’d like. Dangit.

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