final call for truffles!

truffles for sale!Last call for truffles, my friends. Tomorrow night’s the end of the hawking of the truffles.

Tomorrow is the last day we’re taking orders for these amazing chocolate truffles. See that truffle in the picture there to the side? That’s seriously exactly what they look like. We’re some creative folks when it comes to saving lives and making sure your kids don’t have to grow up knowing what breast cancer even is.

Right now, Team Boobylicious is in 5th place in fundraising and selling truffles could easily get us to the top of the list. Right now, we’ve got 990 truffles to be handmade this weekend, and we’d love to add more to the list.

Earlier today, I was having a Crabby Day, which only takes place every now and again in my neck of the woods. Jenni and I started discussing The 3 Day as per our regular daily conversation about it and I suddenly realized I don’t have anything to be crabby about. Why?

I’m part of a team with 13 girls and 1 boy who are extremely passionate about this cause. For me, I do this because I really think we find a cure for not only breast cancer, but all cancer. If I can spend some spare time on the weekends putting together some truffles, and walk 60 miles in 3 days to find a cure to a disease that kills so many people from so many walks of life, I’m totally willing to do it.

And you can buy some truffles to help us all.

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