i’m mad at the twins

I know. It’s December. What could a baseball team possibly have done to make me mad during the off-season? Try wasting money ($1.25 million plus incentives) on a 37-year old backup utility infielder/designated hitter. Because that’s where we struggled during the playoffs? No, it’s not.

Sure, he batted .319 with the Brewers last year, and I can appreciate that. But last year’s big deal of the wire (Tony Batista) hit 32 home runs the year prior to signing with the Twins and he ended up with his ass kicked to the curb after only three months into the season.

I would like to encourage the front office of the Twins to follow the same strategy I do while in the checkout line in Target ogling the impulse items:  Just because it’s cheap and right there in front of you does not mean you need it.

Why I don’t work for a major league baseball team’s front office, I will never know.

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